We're moving on to a new generation!

For 10 years, Matt’s Family Jam has entertained audiences with their power-packed, energetic, live music show.

Crowds across the country have enjoyed experiencing Matt’s Family Jam year after year and watching the family grow up right before their eyes. While the family of 5 is no longer booking shows as Matt’s Family Jam, siblings Collin, Adrienne and Benny are carrying on the family’s musical tradition as a trio on their own, continuing their musical journey in Nashville, TN. Already showing the maturity of seasoned performers, RENATA THE BAND is fully immersed in the Nashville scene – writing and recording their own material and honing their sound.

With years of road experience, they have jumped into 2021 with a full touring schedule of their own. Their live show features their signature harmonies and an energy that comes from the love of performing together. As a band, RENATA THE BAND grooves in a way that only comes from playing hundreds of shows together. Their music is authentic and resonates with audiences everywhere they play.


Come along as these 3 siblings step out in new directions and be a part of the next generation of this family’s musical journey.