What are they saying?

What are they saying?

“Matt’s Family Jam filled the “streets” of our fair with joyful music and energy! We loved their mobile stage – it traveled to every corner of our fair and livened up our daily parades. The Rolf family is talented, dynamic, and a pleasure to work with. Their attention to the visual production of their stage and marketing pieces, just reinforces the quality of their act! They easily captured and maintained the attention of our guests. Never before have we received as much positive feedback as we have with Matt’s Family Jam. They simply exude happiness. We can’t wait to have them back!”
Chelsey Jungck
Events and Entertainment Director
Nebraska state Fair


“Having Matt’s Family Jam stroll around our fairgrounds added a whole new element to our fair – having their great music flow throughout the fairgrounds created a festive atmosphere that we didn’t have before.
An act that is talented, easy to work with, and makes your fair a better place for guests is always the goal – Matt’s Family Jam does all of those things.  The reaction that Matt’s Family Jam elicited from our fairgoers was unbelievable, whether it was people dancing in the street as their mobile stage rolled on by or waiting half an hour in the bleachers before one of their stage performances.”

Jeremy Parsons, CEO/Manager
Clay County Fair
PO Box 527, Spencer, IA 51301


Matt’s Family Jam recently performed at our venue and I cannot say enough about their performance. Each family member was professional, personable, and exciting to watch on stage. There was NEVER a lull in activity or the slightest hint of a dull moment. Our audience was captivated for two full hours on and off stage by Matt’s Family Jam.
Matt Rolf did a wonderful job of promoting our new venue to the crowd and solidified relationship and patronage for future days to come for Matt’s Family Jam as well as The Main Stage and Performing Arts Center.
Matt’s family leadership naturally bridged right over to professional leadership on stage as well as leading the audience into fun, interactive scenarios and he made everyone feel a part of the show.
Lisa Rolf, the glue that holds this family show together, was not only a fantastic performer vocally and instrumentally, she is an amazing Mom to these growing teen and preteen children. This show business can be a fickle business and one wonders how young people might handle such a challenging endeavor at the ages of the Rolf children. I stand in awe of the organization, the talent, the training, and the seasoned professionalism of each of these kids. Kudos to Matt and Lisa in the parenting department.
The Rolf family was just as impressive as I watched them interact as an everyday average family preparing for a performance. It was abundantly clear they were far from average as I watched them work together as professional band members and at the end of the day, their relationships proved to be those of cooperation, mutual respect and admiration.
Benjamin, Adrienne, and Collin are each stars in their own right. Any one of these talented kids has that proverbial “IT” that carries a solo performer; but together, with their parents, they are a dynamite package. We were enamored both personally and professionally by MATT’S Family Jam. And we are looking forward to their return as is our community and surrounding communities.

The Rolf Family is THE REAL DEAL! It is a blessing to have them converge onto your venue, turn it into an aesthetically pleasing back drop for their show and absolutely WOW a crowd with overwhelming energy, impeccable timing, stellar showmanship, hilarious humor, outstanding talent and incomparable people skills on and off stage.

With sincere commendation,
Carlene Crom,

The Main Stage and Performing Arts Center,
Tabor, IA


“If you want a quality, high energy show that appeals to audiences from 2 to 92 then look no further than Matt’s Family Jam. From tapping your toes to dancing in the aisles your audience won’t be able to sit still. If the music doesn’t move them then the shear talent of these young performers will. I would definitely have them back to perform at our fair again and again.”

Lori Neumeier
Grounds Entertainment Manager
Porter County Fair – Indiana

I can’t tell you how many great comments I heard about Matt’s Family Jam! You and your family sure provided a unique and highly entertaining element to the roving entertainment at the Ohio State Fair. I definitely plan to have to have you back next year ….

Thanks again,
Brett Chance
Assistant General Manager & Entertainment Director
Ohio State Fair & Expo Center

“It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for “Matt’s Family Jam.”  In addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with, Matt’s Family Jam drew excellent crowds at all of their shows! I would highly recommend this show to any fair or park that wants an exciting family show that appeals to patrons of all ages. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me at (478)-988-6511.”

Ashley D. Brown, CFE
Entertainment Coordinator
Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter

Matt’s Family Jam is one of the best shows we have booked. It was lively, entertaining and our crowds loved it. Many asked when will they be back? If you want to keep your audience both children and adults thoroughly entertained, book Matt’s Family Jam. Great show, energy and talent. We can’t wait to have them back.

Jamie Blum, CFE

Dubuque County IA Fair